Busy Bicycle Weekend: Going to Austin [1] jan18


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Busy Bicycle Weekend: Going to Austin [1]

Today I did my first Urban Challenge in Houston. In preparation for my -also first- participation in the MS150, a famous fundraising ride from Houston to Austin, I really need to make some serious mileage on my bike. Two weeks ago I went with the Houston Bicycle Club en route through the Heights. A nice rookie-friendly ride with the halfway stop at a decent coffee place, but today was something completely different. Urban Challenge may meet at the corner of Memorial Park, the ride takes off to the outer loop city streets.

I have to admit I lost track where we went after a couple of turns, but we had our taco-stop at the intersection of Sam Houston Parkway and West Little York. Regina already gave me fair warning in advance and one look around at my fellow riders confirmed my fears: this would be a tough group to keep up with. They are all pro’s on super fast bikes. And me. On my hybrid/mountain bike with rather thick tires. “Are you going to ride the MS150 on this bike?” I always get a bit nervous when someone pops that question. It is my only bike, so I guess I will. But it triggers the questions if  need something else? I really don’t know.

I do know it was a tough ride today, and only 40 miles. The most challenging part was that endless stretch on W Little York. After that I was done in. In April I should be able to do double the distance with many of those endless stretches I suppose, two days in a row. Tomorrow will give me some indication if that will be possible at all. First test will be if I can get out of bed. Second if I can take the stairs down without too much trouble and last if I can not only look at  my bike with pleasure, but if I will be able to ride it again to work. Only 15 minutes away.


-to be continued.