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A Very Nice Lunch from Pat Greer’s Kitchen

On my way back into town I realized I didn’t had breakfast today apart from a nice cappuccino while sitting next to my true love. What more can you want? Something solid would be nice. I had passed by the fresh butter and cream fudge and decided to go to Pat Greer’s Kitchen. She is a cook/chef and much more. She also is a radio host at KPFT and her show airs on Tuesday from 3.oo to 4.oo pm: Eco-Ology. I almost passed her Kitchen because it is in a normal house. Signs indicate Pat does not care to much for a show case garden, she is more in favor of using whatever you have to grow your own vegetables.

When you step inside make sure the cat stays outside because he is not allowed in the kitchen, but he can meow with lots of passion. Inside there are shelves with all kinds of interesting food and everything is up for tasting. Little containers marked with S means try me. So I did: cookies, crackers, crisps. With nuts, dried fruit and vegetables, sometimes olive oil, but never meat, dairy products or eggs. Yes I guess you call that vegan, but if I read Pat’s label right, she prefers plant-based.

I am not a vegan myself nor a vegetarian. I like cheese and eggs and all kind of meats and fish as well as bread. But I also do like the stuff I tasted at Pat Greer’s Kitchen. The kale crisps I did not by but I will be back for those. I took home a wrapped lunch, all vegetable and a tasty taste of Texan pecan pie. A really small jar and I already regret I bought more of it. It is delicious. So take a deep breath, ignore what the word vegan does to your brain. If it helps close your eyes and taste. It is good. Plain and simple. I’ll definitely go back soon.

You can find Pat Greer’s Kitchen at 412 W Clay St, Houston or go to her website patgreerskitchen.com and tune in 90.1 fm Tuesday 3-4 pm or listen via KPFT.org

-to be continued.