I love Italian cooking feb04


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I love Italian cooking

The perfect way to take your mind of troubles and sad feelings is cooking. And Italian food is one of the best comfort foods in the world. Therefore I was happy today to drive to Katy again and try to make pasta in a way I had never done before. No machines, just a very big and long rolling pin. To make thin and flat pasta sheets for delicious tagliatelle. And after that we learned to make pasta dough without eggs. Made long strands of it, cut them in short pieces and rolled them out with our pointing finger. It looked easy, but took some practise.

We made bolognese sauce for the tagliatelle, the other pasta went into the oven with tomato sauce and mozzarella and we did eat a wonderful dish made of fried eggplant, another tomato sauce and fresh basil. And lots of good olive oil. We should have saved it for the second course, but it was at the table, and all the true Italians were still cooking, so we sampled it with the antipasta. We got nearly tossed out of the house by our gracious hostess.

Thanks Lara and Alessandra for this wonderful cooking class, thanks also to Carla and Valerio, Alessandra’s parents. Carla was the master pasta maker. And Valerio kept us company. And served something with the dessert that we have to keep a secret. But we will get the recipe.

– to be continued.