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What is on Your Plate?

Apart from eating and drinking nice stuff talking and writing about it is the next best thing. A few weeks ago I read a good recipe for banana bread/cake on BlueBelle’s foodcoach blog and I got inspired. I have to confess I did make a few changes to her recipe. I always find it hard to follow such instructions, probably a fault in my character.

The problem is I will never know if the original recipe is not better than what I cook up, but so far my version is not so bad. First I made a flat round one with rolled oats, steel cut oats, bananas and eggs and some yoghurt. Then I bought a cake tin and add spelt flour and shredded carrots to my mixture. My son thought the taste was not as good, he recommended more bananas and I will take that in count next time. He also said some lemon peel would be nice. Isn’t that grand? I am getting free advice without asking for it from my youngest son.

Even if the cake wouldn’t taste good, my day is great. I cannot give out samples for obvious reasons, but I made some pictures and I will share my recipe.

– 100 gram spelt flour;
– 100 gram rolled oats;
– 100 gram steel cut oats;
– teaspoon baking powder;
– 2 teaspoons cinnamon powder;
– 3 eggs;
– 4 big spoons non-fat Greek yoghurt:
– 6-8 dates chopped;
– 4 bananas;
Mix all the ingredients, grease a cake tin and preheat the oven to 380 F. Bake the cake 30 minutes.

Feel free to follow it precisely or play fast and loose with it, turn it around and make your own banana cake. As long as you enjoy it.

– to be continued.