Almost at the end of our stay in HTX… jun17


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Almost at the end of our stay in HTX…

I am writing the word ‘last’ way too much on my Facebook page these days. Last visits with friends, last days at work, last bike rides…I still do remember the days that I did it all for the first time and it was so exciting. Texas took a little piece of my heart and sometimes it seems to be bigger than other days. It was a brilliant ‘holiday’, honeymoon, emigration, menopause flight or whatever you will call it. But I can recommend it to everyone. Especially if you end up somewhere that was never on your top five list.

I have said it before but Houston was definitely not on my top 5 list, but the city has a tendency to grow on you. It has been very welcoming to me. I did my best to dive in head first, but I was rewarded with numerous hands stretched out to me. I met a diverse group of people and befriended many of them. We made radio together, rode bikes all across town and even beyond the Innerloop and the Sam Houston Parkway. All the way to Austin actually.

We drank beer – I do love IPA -, margaritas – I mixed one myself while spinning on a bike-, and wine. And coffee of course and unsweetened ice tea. It still amazes me that in a country where it is difficult to buy yoghurt without added sugar, you can get unsweetened and freshly brewed ice tea almost anywhere. We ate breakfast tacos, for breakfast, lunch, dinner and as an after bike ride snack. I paid back in Dutch apple pie.

Now we are clearing the house, Monday the movers will come to pack everything up that needs to go to our new place. We are heading west to continue our farewell tour to the USA as our home. A month from now I won’t be a legal alien anymore. The things I will take from Texas are the willingness to travel a bit farther to meet friends and see new things or re-explore old things. The southern hospitality. The social rides on bikes – I will keep you posted on that one -, and all the new music heroes we discovered here.

Thanks y’all.