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Half Year Celebration in our Houstonian House

We arrived in Houston on August 21 last year, but the first week were not ideal concerning housing. But exactly six months ago we moved into our present home. And a home it has become, at least for me. After the cats arrived at the end of October it was even better. We all love to crash at the couches after a long day at work, a nice walk in Brazos Bend or just a stroll around the garden as far as the cats are involved. They can sleep all day and are extremely pleased with our choice of furniture – three couches for three cats, so do the math.

The house is only a part of feeling at home, of course. Another contribution comes from interesting workplaces, new experiences and new contacts. Learning to know life in Houston has gotten me so far a Texan driver’s license, a painting workshop, an evening with mosaic, a morning at the shooting range and new boots from the Rodeo show. We have seen local bluesbands, singer songwriters, the famous Usher and the Houston Symphony.

We survived the first attack of zaza’s (cockroaches) and mosquitos, we drive an hour to see alligators and nine hours to explore the wonders of Big Bend. I have tested the water of the Gulf of Mexico as well as the poetic Rio Grande. Above all we enjoy the playful squirrels who cross the gardenĀ  by traveling the phone cables that span the backyard to avoid an encounter with the cats. Have I already said I really love life in Houston?

– to be continued.