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Legal Alien

Time for a celebration because today I got my working permit with no restrictions beside that it ends two years from now. I feel a bit more independent, just the possibility of being allowed to have a (paid) job. Not that I am desperately in need of money or that I don’t have anything to do. Working to part-time (volunteer) jobs fills up my week and weekends quite enough.

Looking back at the process I am still mystified and in the dark. I applied for my permit in September, and did not expect to hear about it before Christmas and when the government closed down in October due to budget quarrels in Congress I did expect more delays. In February my husband got a call: we have gotten our request for more information back, do you have another address? That was really nice of them. So I send the asked for information along with photo’s and our new address, and waited.

I did not hear anything and started calling at the end of April. Was way to early, they told me. Such processes would take at least 60 days. So I waited two more weeks and got a bit anxious because on the website it is said that your application can expire. I was never sure about the time slot they would allow me. I called again and again and got a bit the feeling I was not getting anywhere. On the website my status remained the same: request for extra information has been send out. No sign they ever received my documents. Today: there was my permit. Out of the blue, a miracle. I guess somehow my documents showed up and were processed. Thanks anyway, I am happy. Finally a legal alien.

– to be continued.