Time to say goodbye… mei09


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Time to say goodbye…

Gerry at KPFTOnly three more Open Journals to produce and two newscasts  to anchor and my time at KPFT will come to an end. And from then it is only weeks before we leave Houston Texas. I am looking forward towards our farewell road trip to LA, but today I feel really sad about leaving this all behind and it is not even a great day weather wise in Houston. It is overcast and muggy, not the famous Texas deep blue sky. But still…

I know it sounds ungrateful. I have so much to be thankful for. I did have a wonderful time here, I met so many interesting, funny, brave, smart and loving people. Of course there are also others, but I try to block them from my memory. The good have the majority in my environment at least.

In Houston I have learned the value of bikelanes, of people in cars who do understand what someone on a bike does in the street, of people who are willing to spend their free time to do outreach all over the city. Thanks BikeHouston, to the staff and all the volunteers. I learned the joy of riding just for pleasure, to go for a beer and ice cream and of course tacos. I bet I am going to miss those breakfast tacos. I will need to become an expert tortilla maker myself. Thanks to Toxic Shocks and all te HTX social riders. I still don’t wear a helmet when just commuting to work and I will ride in my normal work clothes and I don’t clip in on my road bike, not even for the MS150.

In Houston I also learned the meaning of diversity, through the cycling community and through KPFT. I also learned the meaning of white privileged. And as a white woman who can afford to volunteer all week for a radio station I know I am more privileged than most. I will work to keep my eyes wide open.

Thank you Houston. Thank you Texas. You took a little piece of my heart and probably a bit more than a little…