Summer pleasures sep06


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Summer pleasures

Now we are well into September I am awaiting Houston Summer Season. Last year I did not appreciate it enough and I had not count on such cold weather to arrive already in November. When temperatures are still in the 90s it is hard to imaging that in two months time they can plummet to as low as 55 F. I don’t want to translate that to Celsius, it will sound much colder that way. Last year I believed in the myth that Houston has only three seasons: July, August and summer. Now I know we have some sort of winter too.

Of course it does not get really freezing cold when lakes are getting frozen solid and the snow is piling up in the streets. It is nothing like that, but still if your house is not properly insulated it does get nasty cold inside when it is low 50s outside. So this time around I am prepared to fully enjoy all the heat I can manage. So I try sitting outside to eat my lunch at work, I still bike to work every day and I keep the airco at 78 F day and night. When nobody is home except the cats I add two degrees.

We water the garden and thanks to the rain that falls almost daily the grass is still green and my flowers are surviving. In a week or two I am going to add some new ones. Very big dragonflies are scanning our backyard which gets also patrolled by numerous lizards. Stay out of Pebbles’ reach I keep telling them. They don’t manage all the time… Another ‘victim’ of summer pleasures is my blue picnic table. I guess I have to paint it again when the days are getting cooler.

– to be continued.