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The Snowshoe Experience

Today we did our third snowshoe trip and we like it better each time. I guess by Friday we really know how to tie them to our shoes the right way, so I don’t slip forward in them too much…:-).  Yesterday the snowshoe became quite handy while we covered the same route we did with our guide on Sunday but took it a bit farther. Today the snowshoes were really indispensable. We picked the Stone Creek trail. The drive up along Eagle Drive was already a nice winding road and our Jeep managed it without any hiccups.

We did encounter a few other snowshoe hikers, but all with dogs. I guess everybody comes to Vail to ski and uses snowshoes only to walk the dogs. Only one cross-country skier did we see these past three days. If I could ski, I think I would prefer cross-country skiing above going downhill and up with the elevator the whole day. But we enjoyed the powder snow and did not regret to have it almost to ourselves.

And what happens when you send two physicists out on a snowshoe trip in cold weather? It is already a classic I am afraid. Yesterday we left the backpack in the car, no need to take it down the steep stairs to our apartment -which is really cute by the way- and because we did not drink that much yesterday we did not really check the water in our bottles when we set out this morning. After half an hour snowshoe hiking we thought a water break would be a good idea. Stay hydrated everybody tells us. So we took out our water bottles…both frozen solid. I carried them under my jacket to thaw them. We survived. At home we brought the backpack inside.

– to be continued.