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Yellowstone is Awesome

I chose quite a challenging headline for my first real blog about our most recent vacation. It could easily lead to an ongoing ramble about nature’s wonders in Wyoming. When you start thinking about Yellowstone the first thing that comes to your mind is probably a geyser. Old Faithful is the most famous one. Every 90 minutes he starts sprouting water and steam.

Mammoth Springs is maybe my favorite. Terraces in white, orange and pink, some with surfaces so smooth they work like a mirror. Water is flowing over it and adding more colors. The distinctive smell of eggs going bad could not discourage me, though I saw some people walking around while pinching their nose firmly.

I took some pictures, and I took some more. In the coming weeks I have to go through them and be very picky about which ones to keep. Otherwise I can never show them to anyone. Who wants to sit and watch hundreds of pictures of some geysers, hot pools and steaming mud pots? The colors of Yellowstone are maybe its most amazing feature. Places who look like someone has spilled some strange looking oil paint. It is slowly seeping into the ground leaving just a trail. I can recommend this place to everyone. It is truly awesome.

– to be continued.